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Singing, Speaking and Performance Teacher
Vocal Coaching

Discover how you can Sing, Speak and Perform at your best. Experience a personalised vocal coaching approach tailored to your individual unique wants and needs.

Imagine being more free to express yourself, feeling relaxed and full of energy when you sing or speak 

For your voice or your child's, for health, confidence, pleasure or profession, enquire about a one-to-one lesson with me in Kings Langley near Hemel Hempstead, Watford and London, or on Zoom by filling the form below.

Transform your performance anxiety into peak performance. Learn how to access your full range in pitch, tone and volume. Find your authentic self in primal sound.

A festive gift of a singing lesson can be life enhancing. Available here!

“Mary-Jane is incredible! She has a genuine love and understanding of individuality, expression, and freedom…her approach is fresh, celebratory, and inspiring. My inhibitions are melting away with every session! Definitely recommend!”

Amy Butterfield

Dance Teacher and Singer

"Mary-Jane makes singing easy! She has a really fun loving and light hearted way to help you do things with your voice that you didn’t imagine possible. Every week I look forward to my lesson wondering what I will discover this time. I am getting much more than I bargained for, not just more confidence and ability to used my voice but it is also the most uplifting experience. I can only highly recommend it."

Judith Landhauser


“As someone who has had larynx surgery followed by speech and language therapy and is trying to regain vocal strength and tone, it was brilliant to find a teacher who combines such an extensive armoury of speech therapy and singing techniques...”

Tom Aldridge

Civil Engineer MA, MSc MICE

Practice to get it real!

Your voice is an instrument I can teach you how to play and you can be your authentic self when you sing or speak.

 Transform your performance anxiety into peak performance. Learn how to access your full range in pitch, tone and volume.

Smiling pupil of Vocal coach.

"Mary-Jane has given me the confidence to perform without inhibition!"

Sarah Munro

Singer/Song writer

Another happy client who has found her voice!

"...helped me to discover a voice I didn’t know I had"

Corinne Worsley

Life transformation coach

Praise of singing teacher by BBC presenter. Glamourous looking!

Mary Jane is the Go-to expert for Voice training

Janey Lee Grace

BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Singer, author, television presenter and radio disc jockey, Virgin Radio.Developer

Professional looking woman. A fellow singer, performer and coach. She is very experienced.

an informed and nurturing teacher of singing with a holistic approach to the integration of technique and interpretative skills.

Susan Cullen

Voice and accent coach, The Urdang Academy London. CSSD (Central School of Speech and Drama)

Pupil of Singing Teacher in the centre. English girl of Indian decent.

"Mary-Jane has a lovely, bubbly, warm character. I can honestly say that she has always believed in me the most and to the fullest."

Ria Dave


Young male pupil of Singing Teacher.

I feel my voice improves after every lesson!

Adam Gower


Male singer with guitar and mic stand in front of him. R&B look.

I learnt so much in such a small space of time

Ian Francis


Young versatile Pupil of Singing Teacher. She has Curley fair hair and is looking out at you to her left. Acting is part of singing and this photo shows a professional performer.

"an inspiration as my coach"

Nicole Russo

Singer/ song writer/ session singer, solo singer with The Brand New Heavies

Pupil of Singing Teacher

Her movement and acting inspire me to go out and beyond my comfort zone.

Warren Davis

Editor at proximitylondon

Pupil of Teacher for whom public speaking was the most important skill to acquire.

"My speaking voice is so much better now"

Francisa Miller

Karate Teacher, 4 times National Champion and Bronze medalist at World Karate Championships.

Blond and striking pupil.

“such good fun while drastically improving my vocal abilities. Mary Jane has an incredible voice herself. This is always a reassuring feature for a singing teacher or vocal coach”

Zion Davidson


Pupil of Singing Teacher who wanted coaching in feminizing the voice.

"Mary-Jane was exceptional in her understanding and commitment to help"

Susan Bull

"A transgender girl has to deal with a lot of changes"

Dramatic looking woman looking at you over her left shoulder.

You feel comfortable & confident.

Annabell Wood, 

Stuntwoman, including on Game of Thrones

Singing makes this pupil happy.

“I have learnt to use my WHOLE voice instead of muttering in a hushed, husky tone…and learnt to relax…

Anna Bodian


Young man serious about his love of singing. Pupil of Singing Teacher.

Her methods allow your voice to reach new heights

Oliver Gower


Boy sitting in a café elbow on table and smiling.

"He leaves each lesson positively ‘buzzing’ at what Mary-Jane helps him achieve vocally

Archie Halward

After two years from age 12-14 Archie passed ABRSM Grade 7 and 8 singing with DISTINCTION and later joined the National Youth Choir of Great Britain

Pupil of Singing Teacher

Mary-Jane will help you get the absolute best from your unique voice…

Kerrianne Cartmer-edwards

committed to excellence

Fair young English female.Pupil of Singing Teacher

She makes me feel so comfortable and free

Tayla Kenyon


Strong expression

"I significantly benefited from Mary-Jane's support and advice regarding repertoire and vocal preparation."

Nick George


Pop singer songwriter Pupil of Singing Teacher. Wearing styling hat and multi coloured and red leather jacket.

Mary Jane gave me the tools to be a more authentic performer.

Archie Mcdonald

Singer/Songwriter, beatboxer and flautist

Pupil of Singing Teacher with framed photos behind her

Mary-Jane is an inspiration.”

Lesley Folgate

Teacher and Singer

Pupil of Singing Teacher

great mix of technique improvement, and theatrical technique as well.

Adriana Jack


Green and yellow with the arems of children from different ethnicities holding I of CIS.

This is a must for supporting staff well-being

Amrit Bal-Richards

Headteacher, Chater Infant School, regarding a workshop for all the teachers

Smiling singer

extremely knowledgeable about vocal health”

Julie Martin-Carter

Mezzo Soprano at Scottish Opera

Pupil of Singing Teacher

“Her teaching methods are creative, engaging and fun, and produced dramatic results for me.

Julia Shelley

Content Editor and Copywriter at Saga healthcare

Pupil of Singing Teacher

"What an amazing woman... She worked my lesson around my needs and learning style,"

Claire Garcia

 Singer (Amateur)

More testimonials

"Mary-Jane is turning my love for singing into a burning desire to perform. She is showing me how to become a performer – how to interpret music and captivate an audience." Miguel de Carvalho

“Each lesson is a unique and enlightening experience.” Monika Nath

“I feel very uplifted after each lesson…27 mile journey to her home most worthwhile every time.” Richard Garwood

“…The technical progress my daughter has made is striking, and she is now much more secure in reaching the higher notes of her vocal range… the belief to actually feel as if she’s living the character” Alison McRae

“Mary-Jane’s expertise in understanding the physiology of the voice is extremely evident, and her ability to harness that knowledge in ways that benefit her students is impressive.” DWS

“I have always wanted to sing but never thought I could…I have now found my voice.” M Y

“the extra wow factor my daughters needed” N. Dean parent

“Mary-Jane is the sort of person everyone would get along with. With her teaching, fear disappears, and I can sing at my best” Richard Senior

“ particularly privileged to have such an asset as Mary-Jane’s coaching…mightily-impressed.. Inspiring, positive and most of all a real benefit to my vocal technique and confidence-in-performance” David Broom

“She teaches with fun and ease” Monika Higgins

“My singing has improved greatly particularly… my breathing… tone and quality…also my stamina…” Louise Bracebridge

“most enlightening, enjoyable" WL Ayelsbury Opera

“she gave me the confidence I needed to pursue what has proved to be a very enjoyable pastime.” E O

“a very positive approach” Geoffrey Heath, Independent music professional.

“I’m delighted to be able to use these valuable skills and concepts with my own pupils too” Helen Lappert, Singing Teacher

"she speeds up the learning process massively. I wasn’t aware of what my singing voice could do.” Catherine Cousins, Freelance Statistician, Manager and Lecturer

“confidence restored, I joined a choir the following week.” F Naylor

"My daughter is getting more and more confident." Oksana Rowlands

William Allen Director at signpost counselling, a charity helping young people find their voice.  “Mary-Jane is intelligent, insightful and passionate about helping people find their voice!”  

Working With People Recovering From Covid Or People Who Have Given Up Smoking

Two of my pupils had Covid early on and I worked with them both to get their breathing back. One had got into high shallow breathing which was all she could do with Covid. As the covid subsided, she was like some smokers I have taught in the past. When they give up smoking and some healing does happen, they still sometimes breath as if they are still smokers, not realising the new capacity they get gradually after giving up. Learning to use again what has been given back as you get better is really important.

Be Loyal To Your Own Progress

Always try a lesson before you choose a teacher and even then, you can, of course, see as many teachers as you find helpful. No loyalty is needed to a teacher, be loyal to your own progress.
Below are terms used, but not protected or well defined, and what teachers teach varies enormously. Every teacher, like every pupil, is different:
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